The Journey

Talent Untapped started with a pounding headache. Our director woke up one morning with a throbbing pain in the side of her head. That was the beginning of her journey with disability.

People with disabilities form the fastest growing minority group in the world. In Canada, they are one in seven of us. Our director became part of that minority when she was deemed “disabled” and unable to work.

During her recovery from a rare neurological condition, her inner circle of support came from people living with disabilities, many were shut out of the workforce.

Why is it that the majority of people with disabilities are unemployed or underutilized? Talent Untapped chronicles Anna-Karina Tabuñar’s journey for answers. Her film is tool for more inclusive workplaces.


The film was successfully crowd-funded in summer 2015. It galvanized the support of individuals and organizations who see value in all abilities.

Talent Untapped premiered at the Canadian Museum of History on December 4, 2015.